Late Christmas gift from @seldomsleepy/@seldom_sleepy, who draws me much more prettily than I actually am [and takes into account the fact that my hair is growing].

Thank you for the nice new thing to write my grocery lists in bb ilu HAMNAMNAMNAM AHWOHOWHWOHWOWH

Because I haven’t updated in forever (not because I haven’t been productive but because my scanner is broken haha)


For the beautiful bosspresidentefriend that spends afternoons with me underneath zen garden trees talking about sentimentality, shamelessness and sea fishies. You will always be my first choice ♥

Happy birthday, Ma’am Kythe. Ganda mo forever grabe hindi ko talaga ma-take :>

Ohlookie there are flowers! (this is my failed attempt at variation)

Yes, I know I have no variety whatsoever and I know only draw girls in pretty dressies HAHAHA PAGBIGYAN.

In other news, second short summer WOO!

soodohnim asked: hi Soli <3

Hi Nina <3 When are you coming back? Having an eternal seatmate far far away does not make sense huhu :<

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Have I told you that I have such pretty friends/sisters HAHAHA. To the bunso that I never drew for before (due to circumstance) but will be working in a bank soon (: I am a proud seester 

Also, summer dresses forever even if the rain’s been pouring the past few days.

So I was obviously too amused with the entire “swing” concept so I ended up making two more. Although they’re not as pretty as the first one, points for being productive? HAHAHA

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Because all the stuff I’ve been making the past few weeks have either been messy doodles or things for other people. Thank goodness I felt inspired this morning (:


I know I said I was on hiatus and that I wouldn’t check tumblr during exams but I had to break the rules just this once because this is actually relevant.

All the pinwheels in heaven spin just for you (:

Because I think I can actually make this a business or something AHAHAHA. They’re just too fun and it’s an awfully effective stress reliever. Must find a kraft notebook supplier!

For a certain friend that likes fishies just as much as I do HIHIHI :> Oh and words from the album name of A Fine Frenzy because it was playing while I was painting.

As usual, work is killing me so I don’t have time to scan doodles and stuff D: So as a peace offering, please accept this HAHAHA.

I made this for a certain someone as a gift for a certain holiday (hey, if I can’t be all fluffy, why not help others feel fluffy instead?) although certain someone does not look like the person in the photo AHAHAHA. But yeah, quick watercolor doodle that I actually did IN school so pardon the messiness.

So yeah, have some cute, fluffy couple things. Happy February (!)

So a couple of weeks before, I felt all wild and spontaneous and ended up painting the front part of my moleskine planner =)) WOO SO WILD. And look! Failed attempt at having a decent background!

I also secretly want to dress like Taylor Swift with pretty dressies and flowers and things. WHY AM I NAT BYOOTEHFUHL.